Our Commitment

cielSymtpoTherm Foundation supports and implements activities in the following areas :

  • Creating and promoting didactical tools in the field of fertility awareness ;
  • Preparing manuals on fertility and 
    sexuality, especially for teenagers ;
  • Presenting courses and workshops as 
    well as general information meetings and individual counseling ;
  • Providing an extensive resource network of sympto-thermal counselors worldwide.

The Foundation also engages in :

  • Development of educational programs on internet and mobile phones, like sympto ;
  • Edition of books about an other sexuality than the one actually presented by the mass media; research about sexuality and develpment of pronography prevention.

To achieve these commitments, the Foundation develops public relations campaigns geared towards key public health decision makers.


Contact us

  • Fondation SymptoTherm
    Rue du Bourg 12
    CH-1323 Romainmôtier

    (+41)21 802 44 18
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