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paracelsTraditional Chinese doctors were paid to keep people healthy and not at all for curing their illnesses. We all have access to these doctors via our own “inner doctor” with the advantage that the services are free of charge! One simply needs to become aware of their “inner doctor”.
SymptoTherm Foundation’s philosophy is to foster this awareness and promote self-regulating activities to capitalize on general health improvement.

The SymptoTherm Foundation actively encourages preventative health practices through the communication of basic and simple knowledge that allows each individual to improve their own health. Every fertile woman, for example, is capable of learning the sympto-thermal method of birth control and to manage her own fertility without hormonal contraception. In addition, a healthy individual can fast for as much as a week given the tools to listen to their “inner doctor” along with some nutritional basics.

The slogan “less is more” is often jeopardized by todays’ lifestyle. What appears easy and obvious can often be quite challenging to implement. The Foundation assists in motivating people to utilize the self-regulating techniques and to build the necessary discipline in favor of health improvement.


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