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The Founders of SymptoTherm Foundation, Switzerland, 2001

Christine Bourgeois

President of SymptoTherm Foundation, Switzerland

Christine is an art-therapist by profession born in Basel in 1951.
She became involved in Prof. Rötzer’s pioneering project with her late husband in the 80's. She is a mother of three children and now a grandmother of three boys. She participated in clinical studies carried out by Prof. Rötzer where he proved the high effectiveness of the first symptothermal method.

Christine has been counselling teenagers, couples, breastfeeding mothers and women in pre-menopause for over 30 years and always in very close collaboration with Prof. Rötzer. After the accidental death of her husband she wanted to keep a part of their relationship and continued to disseminate this fine knowledge as a light for other women and couples and edited the French version of Prof. Rötzer’s well-known manual Conception Regulation, the Way of Partnership. The Symptothermal Method in 1999.

Harri Wettstein

Secretary of SymptoTherm Foundation, Switzerland

Harri was born in Zürich in 1950.
He has a M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Heidelberg and MBA from the University of Lausanne. He published his Master's Doctoral Thesis about the End of Life Ethics, in three editions, in 1995. He started his career as a teacher, marketing specialist and has devoted his life to end-of-life issues. He owns harri-wettstein.de where his books are available for sale. In 1999 he published an important guide about spiritual and political fasting, “Le jeûne pour la vie” (Fasting for Life), and founded a fasting movement in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, a movement that is steadily increasing. He is a father of two children from his former marriage of 20 years. The split was largely due to a lack of sufficient knowledge of alternative contraception. His wife’s inability to tolerate synthetic hormones and the subsequent constant use of condoms put a strain on their relationship.


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